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TechAction offers a wide range of services to use technology to optimize and monetize business opportunities. We help clients find the simplest solution to their problems.

In this digital age there is constant business change and clients need to be agile enough to evolve with the ever changing market and strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Our solutions in software development, complemented by continual machine learning models, ensure you keep ahead in the market. Talk to us so we can listen and identify your problem so we can create your solution.

Our Services & Offerings

Data Analytics
With Big Data

Predictive Modelling

With years of experience in understanding and modelling data, we combine our insights of Business Intelligence with transforming Big Data, profiling datasets, analyze all aspects of data performance and create predictive models for building and maintaining scorecards with predictive analytics.

If you want to make money – you need to save money but targeting the right responding customer with the right credit risk type. We understand that you want to build your business by getting the right customer and increasing your customer base by knowing the best touch points for customers.

Professional Software Solutions

Developing IT System

Many companies apply technology to achieve results but we use technology to speed up results. TechAction is your address for software development.

Once we have met to understand the root of the problem, we leverage 15 years of technology experience to provide the best technical solution. We embrace web and mobile application development using both the Microsoft and Open source stacks depending on the right solution. This software will form the drivers behind making your company efficient and managable from a central place.

We assist with training and mentoring your users so that you can apply the solution to control your outcome.

Social Media

Achieve Your Goals

With years of experience with countless distribution projects, we’re ready to take your business to new markets.

At TechAction, we combine our insights on how to use social media to target new and previously untouched customers.

With a range of industry experts, our strategic services meet the needs of companies all shapes and sizes, from small firms to bustling multinationals. TechAction business improvement projects deliver time-tested, significant, and lasting changes with measurable growth.

Technology Partners

Choosing the right tools to provide the best solution is imperative to ensuring the correct project is delivered to our clients. With over a decade of experience, TechAction has delivered the right solution using this suite of software.

Existing Clients

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